how onsite nitrogen works

How On-site Nitrogen Generation Works

Depending on the reason for needing the equipment, an on-site nitrogen generator can be much more beneficial than receiving tanks of gas from any given supplier. Although systems using pressure swing adsorption are often considered preferable, there are quite a few benefits to using an on-site nitrogen generator.

So, how does a nitrogen generator work? The following is a closer look at the differences between the two systems as well as the reasons a nitrogen generation system may be the equipment you need.

PSA Technology

Simply put, pressure swing adsorption refers to a type of technology that separates the nitrogen from a mixture of gases, thus producing nitrogen of high purity. A safe, reliable and often cost-effective method of producing nitrogen, PSA nitrogen generator technology is often the first preference for many industries. Using a Carbon Molecular Sieve that becomes pressurized with air, the system separates the unnecessary gases while the nitrogen is drawn into a separate receiving tank. The result of this process is nitrogen with a purity level of up to 99.9995%.

Hollow Fiber Membrane Systems

On the flip side, Hollow Fiber Membrane Systems work in an entirely different manner. Utilizing membrane separators, each of which contains thousands of asymmetric hollow fibers that act as a molecular filter, the system adds high pressure as a means of separating the gases. When the high pressure enters the separator, the various gas components separate. While the faster gases (such as oxygen) are able to permeate the membrane wall, slower gases (such as nitrogen) have a challenging time permeating the membrane wall, and thus, will exit through the port at the end of the shell.

Hollow Fiber Membrane Systems Benefits

The following is an overview of the benefits of a hollow fiber membrane system:

  • Less Waste– Those who are concerned with green living will appreciate the waste reduction features. In fact, the hollow fiber membrane system is considered superior to other systems because it has no notable waste associated with its usage.
  • Better Quality Nitrogen– Provides high-quality nitrogen with a purity greater than 99.9995%.
  • No Haggling with Suppliers– The ability to generate your own nitrogen eliminates the need to haggle and search for nitrogen at low cost.
  • On-Site Nitrogen– While having on-site nitrogen is not a requirement for some industries, others (such as power generation facilities, oil and gas companies, chemical companies, construction sites, laboratories and even food manufacturing plants) can benefit from having an on-site nitrogen generator.
  • Mountable Equipment– Furthermore, hollow fiber systems are easily mountable, which makes them ideal for those who may be working in confined spaces.

Purchasing an On-site System

At NiGen, we offer high-quality hollow fiber membrane systems. Although you might see an array of onsite nitrogen system suppliers on the market, shopping with NiGen includes the following benefits:

  • State-of-the-art PLC controllers
  • Auto and manual controls
  • Integrated manifold and silencers
  • Rating for offshore application
  • Low voltage and multi-voltage systems
  • Feed and product flow computers
  • Continuous, non-depleting product gas sample system
  • Dew point monitoring
  • Remote telemetry
  • And much more

By featuring portable nitrogen units that are safe, reliable and rated for offshore, these systems provide a continuous supply of nitrogen, which will allow for the completion of a variety of projects at minimal cost.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality products at competitive prices while delivering outstanding customer service. Contact NiGen today for all of your nitrogen supplying needs.