NiGen International has the capability to fabricate, alter, and repair a full line of ASME Section VIII, Division 1 Pressure Vessels in accordance with “U” and “R” code requirements. U.S., Canadian and Australian registrations are available to customers who require this supporting documentation. Our standard pressure vessel capabilities go up to 120″ diameters with thicknesses up to 3-1/2″. Our fabrication material capabilities include carbon steels, stainless steels, and most alloy materials.

Craftsmanship is our hallmark, with our ASME certified welders and inspectors utilizing the latest technology to ensure that every product meets our rigid quality standards. We have full time QA inspectors to check fabrication for quality welds and accurate dimensions. Our QA inspectors will inform and schedule all hold points for your site visits so they don’t affect delivery date. In addition, NiGen International fabricates our products in-house, ensuring that we complete and deliver your project on time and on budget, every time.

Our “R” certification allows us to provide repairs and alterations to pressure vessels & pressure retaining items fabricated to ASME specifications. Available services include:

  • Skid and Modular Construction Assembly
  • Pressure Vessel Repair
  • Pressure Vessel Alterations
  • Certified Fabrication and Testing
  • On-site Non-Destructive Examinations
  • DNV
  • Strainers
  • Launchers and Receivers

Equipment & Capabilities

NiGen Industries is located in North Houston and fabricates, alters, and repairs pressure vessels and piping systems of all metaIIurgies. The fabrication facility consists of:

  • Six Acres
  • 30,000 Total Square Feet of Climate Controlled Buildings
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication Building with Overhead Cranes, Jibs, Automated Positioners, Manipulators, Plant Roll, Shape Roll, and Welding Machines
  • Pipe Fabrication Building with Overhead Cranes, Automated Pipe Positioners, Manipulators, Beveling, and Welding Machines
  • Capacity up to 30 Tons
  • Heavy forklift capability