pipeline maintenance services - Houston, Texas

NiGen International specializes in applications utilizing on-site nitrogen generators for the pipeline industry. We have successfully provided our services for thousands of pipeline miles using the latest nitrogen membrane technology. We provide services for pigging, purging, inerting, pneumatic testing, drying/dehydrating, commissioning and decommissioning, leak detection and chemical cleaning.

The NiGen Systems are lightweight, reliable, containerized and highly portable for onshore and offshore operations and available for rental for short- and long-term projects.

We offer the following equipment rentals:

  • portable diesel air compressors
  • air dryers (desiccant)
  • booster compressors
  • atmospheric vent silencers
  • air coolers and portable fuel tanks
  • nitrogen generator rentals

NiGen International has the staff and experience to help pipeline companies develop procedures for the commissioning and decommissioning of pipelines, station facilities, and other petrochemical-related installations. We have successfully completed both onshore and offshore projects for major pipeline companies.

Past pipeline projects have ranged from 1 to 1,100 miles in length with sizes ranging from 2″ to 42″ in diameter, traversing terrain with elevations from below sea level to >7,000′. The nitrogen used for a typical pipeline displacement may range from a purity of 92% up to 100%, depending on the customer’s specific requirements and/or needs of the particular product to be displaced. For example, the purity required to displace an ethylene or butadiene pipeline will range from 99%-99.9%, whereas a typical crude oil or products pipeline application will range from 94%-98%.

services for pipeline maintenance companies

With our on-site nitrogen generators using membrane technology, NiGen International has the capacity to supply on-site (often in remote locations) membrane-generated nitrogen with a purity ranging from 92%-99% with moisture contents of <60° F. Membrane-generated nitrogen has proven to be a very cost-effective way of commissioning or decommissioning pipelines where large volumes of nitrogen are required. In some remote locations, the traditional liquid nitrogen supply may either be unavailable or not the most desirable option. In these situations, NiGen International is ready to fulfill your on-site generated nitrogen requirements.

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