Industrial processes from oil and gas recovery to food and beverage processing use compressed air for various stages of production. In most cases, operators of industrial plants that use dry air install on-site air compression units with integrated air-drying systems.

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While this approach might provide cost-saving benefits for some industries, it is not always the ideal method for fulfilling industrial compressed air needs. The use of an air pressure booster allows the production of compressed plant air exactly where it’s needed, improving process efficiency and reducing operating costs.

high-pressure booster compressor from NiGen

What Is a High-Pressure Booster Compressor?

An air pressure booster system is a device that optimizes pre-compressed air circulating within an industrial system. Air from a low-pressure compressor can be multiplied by a booster to yield compressed air at significantly higher pressures. A standard air pressure booster pump can raise the pressure of circulating pre-compressed air as much as 10x its original value.

Applications of an Air Pressure Booster

Pressurized air boosters can be used to optimize air supply in industrial processes that require compressed air. Typical booster air compressor applications include:

  • PET bottle production
  • Pressure maintenance in die cushions
  • Actuated braking systems
  • Testing industrial conduit and pipeline pressures
  • Gas injection enhanced oil recovery
  • Improving maximum torque in small air tools
  • Optimizing high-pressure tires
  • Engine starter systems

A few of the above-mentioned applications are further outlined below.

Testing Industrial Pipeline Pressures

Highly pressurized air supplied by an air booster device can be used to effectively conduct industrial pipeline inspections. These pipeline maintenance services typically involve passing a stream of compressed air through a pipeline and removing the gas via relief valves. An unaccounted loss in pressure indicates a potential leak and this can guide maintenance efforts.

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PET Bottle Production

To rapidly and efficiently produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles requires a steady stream of highly compressed air. Booster compressors can provide plastic mold machines with the necessary air pressure stream to achieve optimal bottle casting.

Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery Techniques

When oil and gas wells begin to age, the natural formation pressure diminished causing a drop in the output of recovered oil. To improve productivity, oil and gas project operators can introduce compressed air into the oil wells as an enhanced recovery method. Using a booster compressor in natural oil and gas recovery will compensate for natural formation pressure losses.

Benefits of NiGen’s Air Pressure Booster Compressor

NiGen manufactures high-quality pressure boosters that serve various industries requiring compressed air including oil and gas, transport pipeline and food and beverage manufacture. Outlined below are the reasons why NiGen’s boosters for high-pressure applications are a great choice.

Customized Booster Productivity

A unique feature of NiGen compressed air boosters is their improved productivity. These boosters can increase the entry pressure up to 10 times its original value over three stages of pressure enhancement. This helps deliver the outlet pressure needed to drive your industrial process application.

Easy Control Interface

NiGen air boosters come preinstalled with easy to understand and user-friendly control interfaces. A series of audible alarms and announcements alert operators to impending dangers or machinery damage allowing prompt interventions. Also, information screens provide a complete overview of all operating parameters clearly and concisely.

Serviceability and Safety

Another key advantage of opting for a NiGen air pressure booster compressor is its ease of repair service delivery and its safety profile. While a licensed and experienced technician can be deployed to troubleshoot and fix machinery issues within a few hours, the state-of-the-art internal safety systems will automatically shut down the air booster before it reaches a critical state while warning operators via its unique alarm systems.

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The air pressure boosters manufactured by NiGen include modifications for skid compatibility. This feature allows units to be securely transported from one location to the other and easily operated at the intended production sites.

NiGen Has the Air Pressure Booster System You Need

At NiGen we prioritize the supply of the very best quality compressed air systems to all our clients. We offer high-pressure booster compressor installation and maintenance, as well as industrial air compressors, on-site nitrogen generators, air dryers, air coolers, and industrial generators.

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