The team at NiGen International understands the importance of delivering a complete technological solution for your nitrogen gas needs. That’s why our nitrogen rental systems use the best and most diverse mix of engineering technology available.

The only question is, should you rent or buy your on-site nitrogen system? Let’s cover the information you need to know to make this decision.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generation System Rentals

When companies generate gas on site, they get to control how much nitrogen is produced, as well as pressure and purity. Nitrogen gas generation works by separating nitrogen molecules from other air components. At NiGen, we use high selectivity, hollow fiber membrane modules for this process. Membrane filtration technology is widely used for on-site nitrogen gas production operations. It is a reliable, convenient, economical, and more energy-efficient option for industrial applications such as chemical blanketinglaser cutting, and food packaging.

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Buy or Rent Nitrogen Systems?

Buying or renting a nitrogen system depends on several factors, such as your budget, application, specification needs, type of project and industry. While renting is ideal for testing new systems and controlling costs, buying is a better investment for long-term projects and applications where you know the ROI will be there. To make a confident decision about buying or renting your next nitrogen system, it’s important to consult with an on-site nitrogen system manufacturer.

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How Our Nitrogen Systems Work

NiGen membrane generation units are an excellent alternative to PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) systems. Our generators use separation membrane technology to attain proper nitrogen gas purity grades. The separation membrane plays the most important role in this process. It captures nitrogen from the atmosphere by pushing compressed air through thousands of hollow fibers. Water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gas molecules pass through these fibers and are returned into the atmosphere as waste gas. Meanwhile, pure nitrogen molecules are captured at the system’s output port.

This technique allows operators to achieve such high purity levels by simply adjusting the flow rate and pressure of the compressed air. Overall, membrane technology provides a reliable and cost-efficient nitrogen supply suitable for any application.

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Nitrogen System Equipment Rentals from NiGen

Need a nitrogen generator rental in Houston, TX? NiGen has you covered! Our nitrogen membrane technology is an excellent choice for various industrial applications. Renting a nitrogen generation unit from NiGen guarantees that your team has a 24-hour supply of high-purity gas for all your operations. Plus, our advanced hollow fiber membrane technology provides nitrogen purity levels of up to 99.95%. In addition, our products are environmentally friendly and ASME-certified for maximum safety and reliability. Not to mention, NiGen offers nitrogen generation system rentals at some of the best prices in the market!

NiGen is an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial nitrogen generation equipment. We design standard and custom-engineered systems to provide durable, cost-effective solutions. Our team of Texas engineers manufactures high-quality equipment, rentals, and spare parts for a wide range of nitrogen generation services. Additionally, we offer:

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