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NiGen International is a leader in the design and manufacture of on-site nitrogen systems, headquartered in Houston, Texas. From portable containerized systems to skid-mounted stationary systems, standard or custom engineered, we have the system to meet your specific needs or requirements. At NiGen, we utilize the most efficient and highest performance membranes available on the market today. As a manufacturer, we can design a system to match an existing application or provide the most efficient solution.

We continually strive to communicate with our customers and deliver a safe, efficient and cost effective solution on their onsite nitrogen needs.

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Let the experts at NiGen help you find the perfect nitrogen generation solution or pipeline service to meet your needs. Our project engineers can design and build an on-site nitrogen system for a variety of industries and applications. To request your quote, please complete this form and include as many details as you can. Once we review your information, we’ll follow up as soon as possible and provide you the most accurate quote or an answer to your question.

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