Need an industrial air compressor rental in Houston? NiGen can help! NiGen International provides high-efficiency rotary screw air compressors to several industries that require compressed air in their processes.

Portable Commercial Air Compressor Rentals in Houston

Compressed air is crucial to many processes across a host of industries. In industrial settings, it is used to power several industrial tools such as pneumatic drills, grinders, pumps, sandblasters, spray guns, and more. Compressors harness the power of an electric motor to increase the pressure of process air. NiGen provides rotary screw air compressors, which are some of the most popular compressor variants utilized in industries today.

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Sullair 1300XHH/1525XHDL Compressors

Sullair rotary screw compressors are mobile, industry renowned, commercial air compressors. Their COMPASS® Controller, two-stage air filters with safety elements, and protective shutdown switches make them a reliable selection for most industry applications.

Flow @ Rated Pressure – cfm (m3/min) Rated Pressure – psi (bar) Length – mm Width – mm Height – mm Weight (wet) – lbs (kgs) Engine Make Engine Model Power – hp (kW) Emissions Regulatory Cylinders Cycles Speed – rpm Bore & Stroke – rpm Displacement – 3 liter
1300 (36.8) 500 (34.5) 182 (4,613) 86 (2,184) 90 (2,278) 14,150 (6,418) Caterpillar C18/TTA 765 (571) Tier II 6 4 1,850 5.7×7.2 (145×183) 1,105 (18.1)
1525 (43.2) 350 (24.1) 182 (4,613) 86 (2,184) 90 (2,278) 14,150 (6,418) Caterpillar C18/TTA 765 (571) Tier II 6 4 1,850 5.7×7.2 (145×183) 1,105 (18.1)

Sullivan D-Series Portable Diesel Compressors

We provide a wide selection of Sullivan portable air compressor rental options from the D750 to the D1800 series. The product spec sheets below contain information for each of these mobile diesel air compressors.

How Our Compressors Work

Air compressors operate on the principle that the air pressure within a closed system (non-vacuum) increases as its volume decreases. Rotary screw compressors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy using a motor and rotary positive-displacement mechanism comprising two meshing helical screws. Air entering into the device via an inlet valve passes through the small clearances between the screws, which increases the gas pressure by reducing the volume as they rotate at high speed. The compressed air then passes through the outlet to the process or channeled into an air dryer for vapor removal. Rotary screw compressors may be oil-flooded or oil-free, depending on the presence of lubrication in the compression chamber.

Why Choose Our Industrial Air Compressors?

Industrial air compressors from NiGen have a 100% duty cycle, ensuring a reliable supply of high-pressure process gas and minimal downtime on operations. Built using the highest-grade materials, they increase your uptime and help minimize maintenance costs. Also, NiGen’s team of experts provides round-the-clock technical support for all our air compressors.

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Industrial Air Compressor Rental vs. Purchase: Which is Better?

High-pressure air compressor rentals may hold significant benefits over purchases, depending on your organization’s goals. Renting an industrial air compressor rather than making an outright purchase allows your organization to reduce its cost of ownership and lower its capital operating costs. Small or medium-sized companies that tend to scale quickly or organizations with planned divestments in the short term can also benefit from owning fewer assets.

NiGen: An Industrial Air Compressor Rental Company You Can Trust!

NiGen is an industry-leading provider of industrial air compressors. We offer high-performance rotary screw air compressors to the oilfield, petrochemical, and industrial markets. Additionally, we offer permanent sales of on-site nitrogen generators as well as nitrogen generator rentals, industrial generator rentals, and desiccant dryer rentals in Houston.

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