NiGen is your single source supplier for commercial air filtration systems, bringing you the most competitive selection and prices. Our team of Texas engineers specializes in custom-designed air filtration solutions for a variety of industries. We’re professional, experienced, and committed to achieving cleaner working environments for our customers.

How NiGen Commercial Air Filtration Systems Work

NiGen’s line of industrial air filtration units are designed to filter out airborne contaminants, dust, and particulate to improve air quality and provide a safer work environment. Our advanced systems are built with powerful fans and high-quality filtration to filter the air and redistribute it back into the space quickly and efficiently. Our extensive air filtration experience has resulted in advanced product performance and improved heat distribution within the environment.

commercial air filtration system

Not only do these systems offer protection for the users against particulates and toxic fumes, but they also protect the operations in progress and the surrounding environment. Here are a few additional benefits of air filtration systems from NiGen.

  • Elimination of harmful gases and chemicals
  • Increased productivity and equipment life
  • Removal of airborne allergens and pathogens
  • Reduced maintenance cost and downtime
  • Helps meet compliance standards for air quality
  • Decreased energy costs by recycling clean air
  • Increased job safety and employee satisfaction
  • Neutralization of undesirable odors

Ambient vs. Portable Air Filtration Systems

There are two main types of industrial air filtration systems used today: ambient and portable.

Ambient air filtration units can be installed as stand-alone systems or in conjunction with source capture systems for a complete air cleaning solution.

Portable air filtration units are typically placed directly in the working environment of the application, and they are also very efficient at filtering out particulate, dust, and fumes.

Applications of Air Filtration Unitsindustrial air filtration system

Industrial air filtration systems are extremely versatile in that they are used for a vast range of applications and projects. The most served industries include:

  • Food processing
  • Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories
  • Educational facilities
  • Microelectronics
  • Precision component manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Whether you need advanced air filtration for a commercial building, industrial facility, or other business, NiGen has the right system for you.

Reliable On-Site Process Gas Equipment from NiGen

Since 1999, NiGen International has provided clean air to industries across the country. As one of the leading commercial air filtration system manufacturers, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the highest quality industrial equipment on the market. We also have a wide range of nitrogen generator rentals, on-site nitrogen generators, industrial air compressor rentals, and much more.

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