In search of an industrial air compressor in Houston? NiGen is happy to help! NiGen International provides reliable, high-performing rotary screw air compressors to a wide range of industries whose operations require compressed air.

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Houston Industrial Air Compressors

Many industrial and manufacturing facilities depend on compressed air to power their tools, whether it be pneumatic drills, spray guns, pumping systems, grinders, sandblasters– anything that requires a source of pressurized air. Air compressors use high-performing electric motors to adjust process air pressure. NiGen’s rotary screw air compressors are currently some of the most popular compressor variants in the industry.

Rotary screw compressors use electric motors and a r

How Our Air Compressors Work

Rotary positive-displacement mechanism made up of two meshing helical screws. As the volume inside a closed system (non-vacuum) decreases, the air pressure increases. Air that goes into the system through an inlet valve goes through the two screws, which reduces the volume by rotating at a high speed. This increases the gas pressure, and the compressed air travels through the outlet for use in the operation (or funneled into an air dryer for vapor removal). Depending on the amount of lubrication present in the compression chamber, rotary screw compressors may be oil-flooded or oil-free.

Why Choose NiGen Industrial Air Compressors?

NiGen industrial air compressors offer a 100% duty cycle by reliably providing high-pressure process gas with minimal downtime so you can maximize productivity. Our superior products are specially designed to increase your uptime and minimize maintenance expenses. You can also count on 24/7 technical support from our team of dedicated professionals when you choose our products.

Reliable Industrial Air Compressors from NiGen

NiGen offers superior rotary screw air compressors to several industries that require reliable and low-maintenance systems. We also offer on-site nitrogen generators, nitrogen generator rentals, industrial generator rentals, and desiccant dryer rentals in Houston.

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