Industrial facilities produce harmful gases and particulates that can be hazardous to the health of your employees and the environment. As a result, many businesses need to install commercial air treatment systems for the safety of workers and the well-being of those in the surrounding area. Fortunately, NiGen industrial air treatment systems are the solution to all your air quality problems.

industrial air treatment systems

Industrial Air Treatment Systems in Houston

There are many types of industrial air treatment systems available on the market, such as air dryers, air coolers, and air filtration units. From powerplants to hospital buildings, NiGen has a solution for you. Check out our complete line of air treatment systems below.

Air Coolers

An aftercooler is a type of heat exchanger that removes heat from a stream of compressed air. The device is installed on an air compressor to cool off the compressed air used in industrial processes. The main function of an air cooler is to reduce approximately 80% of moisture in compressed air before it enters the storage tank. This prevents water vaporization and corrosion in the tank, which can otherwise lead to reduced life expectancy for both components. Added benefits of this air treatment unit include reduced operating costs, improved machine performance, and lowered power consumption.

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Air Dryers

Industrial air dryer systems are a type of air treatment equipment that is often used in industrial settings where it’s necessary to remove moisture from the air. Industrial air dryer systems work by heating air until it’s saturated, then dropping the temperature and letting it evaporate. Industrial air dryers are used in a variety of settings, but what type you need depends on your application. For example, desiccant dryers are more suited for drying large volumes of air quickly, while refrigerated air dryers offer a simpler design and lower energy consumption rates. NiGen manufactures various types of industrial air dryers for purchase or rent.

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Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration units are used in many industries to provide a safe and clean environment. Dust and smoke particles can be detrimental to the efficiency of an industrial process. They can cause significant damage to machinery and equipment, as well as harm people’s health. Industrial air filtration systems are designed to remove these particles before they have an opportunity to cause any problems. There are two main categories of industrial air filtration systems: ambient and portable. The units may be installed in a centralized manner or at the point of use. NiGen air filtration units are designed to clean the air in large commercial and industrial spaces.

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Advanced Air Treatment Systems from NiGen

The benefits of an air treatment unit can be immediate and long-term. Advantages may include cost savings, energy efficiency, environmental benefits, easy installation, and improved health.

NiGen is your trusted air treatment company. Since 1999, we have developed, manufactured, and distributed a complete range of products across a multitude of industries. Our industrial air treatment solutions are designed by highly skilled Texas engineers with years of industry expertise. We also offer on-site nitrogen generatorsindustrial air compressors, and high-pressure booster compressors in Houston, Texas.

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