Looking to purchase a desiccant dryer in the Houston area? NiGen manufactures reliable desiccant dryers that are fully compatible with industrial air compressors and aftercooler systems.

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NiGen desiccant dryers are specially-engineered for high-selectivity water and vapor removal from industrial process air. We provide desiccant dryers for a wide range of industrial applications which include:

  • Compressed air drying for use in industrial manufacturing
  • Vapor recovery from oil and gas operations during refining and storage
  • Vapor removal from gases generated during the cryogenic fractional distillation of atmospheric air (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.)

How Desiccant Dryers Work

Desiccant dryers use a drying agent (desiccant) with a high attraction for water to extract water vapor and moisture from process air. The most commonly used materials are hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing) substances such as silica gel, calcium sulfate, activated charcoal, and zeolite. Thousands of small beads of these substances are contained in the desiccant dryers in dual-tower structures. One tower will focus on extracting water from compressed air while the other regenerates the saturated desiccant. The purpose of this system is to increase the boost the efficiency of water vapor removal with minimal maintenance and supervision. No matter how large or complex your project, NiGen offers regenerative desiccant dryers that will meet your specific needs.

Why Choose NiGen Desiccant Dryers?

Desiccant dryers help you save on costs by maximizing productivity and avoiding moisture-related damage in your process systems. Water vapor or moisture in your system could cause corrosion, wear and tear, freezing, and false reports on pneumatic controls. Beyond the inconvenience of repairs and repair costs, these issues slow down your operations or even bring them to a halt. NiGen can help you save money by reducing downtime on your most crucial and important operations. We also offer round-the-clock technical support and expertise on all our products.

Air Compressor Dryers from NiGen

If you need an air compressor dryer in Houston, consider NiGen! Our range of air dryers are the ideal choice for vapor recovery from industrial process air. NiGen air dryers are portable and lightweight– making them suitable for both offshore and onshore operations. We also have a wide range of on-site nitrogen generatorsnitrogen generator rentalsindustrial air compressor rentals, and much more.

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