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High-Pressure Nitrogen Generators & Using Nitrogen Booster Pumps

High-pressure nitrogen is an essential tool across a variety of industries. From beer dispensing and nitrogen food packaging to medical applications, there is no substitute for the uses of nitrogen gas that can compete in terms of safety and affordability. Nitrogen removes the risk of food spoilage that comes with exposure to oxygen, and it is colorless, odorless, and extremely stable.

The Drawbacks of Nitrogen Delivery

Most companies that rely on high-pressure nitrogen purchase it in bulk from industrial gas companies. It is delivered in canisters, which are set to specific levels of pressure and purity. However, when industrial and manufacturing organizations require a large volume of nitrogen, such as for laser cutting and plastic injection molding, the standard canisters can be problematic.

Often, it is not possible to access all of the nitrogen in these canisters, which results in expensive waste. In addition, businesses that are concerned with their environmental impact struggle with the high levels of greenhouse gases emitted by traditional industrial gas companies during the separation process. Organizations in these industries are turning to the solutions offered by the on-site industrial preparation of nitrogen gas.

The Basics of High-Pressure Nitrogen Generators

Generating high-pressure nitrogen on-site has proven to be an effective cost-cutting measure over the long-term. Once expenses associated with ongoing delivery are eliminated, companies that use on-site generators no longer face the risk associated with rising nitrogen gas prices. By some estimates, this equipment pays for itself in 12 – 18 months. See two examples of on-site options below.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generation Systems

Companies that require high purity levels often choose PSA nitrogen generation systems when they bring this process on-site. PSA systems operate by removing the oxygen and other gases from surrounding air, so that just the nitrogen remains.

Membrane Nitrogen Generations Systems

Another popular choice for on-site nitrogen generation uses high-pressure nitrogen compressor technology. Compressed air moves through a tube that is encased in polymeric hollow fiber (the membrane), which removes oxygen, water vapor, and other materials. The nitrogen emerges from the other end of the tube as a pure gas.

Both of these nitrogen production methods are available in portable container-based formats, so that you can transport them to work sites as needed. Since they have no moving parts, they perform reliably in the long-term, which further increases cost-savings.

Generating High-Pressure Nitrogen with Nitrogen Gas Booster Pumps

Simply producing the nitrogen is not helpful for most industrial applications. You must also have the right equipment to create appropriate psi. Use of a nitrogen booster pump is the most common solution for generating required pressure.

Many organizations rely on a nitrogen gas booster that does not require electric power, so that the equipment remains portable and effective in a variety of environments. This also adds an extra layer of safety for operators. These high-pressure nitrogen pumps leverage air power to perform. Maximum psi ranges depend on the equipment design, which can be customized for specific industrial and manufacturing applications.

Leverage the Cost-Savings of On-site High-Pressure Nitrogen Generators

Businesses that use a large volume of high-pressure nitrogen in production have discovered that canister delivery is simply not the best choice for their companies. Instead, they are bringing nitrogen generation on-site to conserve resources, saving both time and money.

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