On-site Nitrogen Systems

Buying vs. Renting On-site Nitrogen Systems

On-site nitrogen systems have a proven track record of providing nitrogen gas for various industrial applications at higher efficiencies and purity levels when compared to the conventional transportation of compressed gas cylinders.

The choice between buying or renting these systems depends on various factors, including the budget, application, industry, and customer specifications. This article explores some common benefits of buying and renting nitrogen systems, identifying the ideal option for various applications.

An Overview of On-Site Nitrogen Systems

On-site nitrogen systems ensure the efficient generation of nitrogen gas for a wide range of applications across several industries. A key benefit of generating nitrogen on-site includes the ability of operators to control the amount of nitrogen produced. In addition, the on-site nitrogen generator incorporates various forms of technology into the generation process, including separation membrane technology.

With the aid of separation membrane technology, operators can produce nitrogen gas at high purities by passing compressed air through thousands of hollow fibers. These fibers allow oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gas molecules to flow through them, trapping pure nitrogen molecules.

The technology ensures the outflow of these other gas molecules and water vapor into the atmosphere as waste gas while ensuring operators achieve high nitrogen purity levels by varying the pressure and flow rate of the compressed air. In comparison to the obsolete method of bottling nitrogen gas and transferring it via trucks, on-site nitrogen generation offers higher reliability and cost-efficiency.

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Why Buy An On-site Nitrogen System?

Operators can opt for various nitrogen systems for sale and incorporate them into their day-to-day operations. Unlike the obsolete transportation of nitrogen tanks and bottles, which are susceptible to high wait times and downtimes, buying an on-site nitrogen system offers several benefits to industrial operations.


Outlined below are some key benefits for buying on-site nitrogen systems:

  • Purity control
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced waste
  • Environment
  • Cost-saving

Purity Control

By owning on-site nitrogen systems, operators can efficiently meet industrial and customer standards in nitrogen gas generation for any industrial application. This ownership gives the operators higher flexibility in purity levels regulation.

Increased Safety

Buying on-site nitrogen systems can eliminate the need for delivery, storage, and the movement of high-pressure cylinders. These logistics-related activities are susceptible to various hazards (e.g., fire and explosion, high pressure, oxygen displacement, etc.). However, by owning these nitrogen systems, operators ensure increased safety.

Reduced Waste

On-site nitrogen systems significantly minimize any form of wastage. Operators ensure the production of the required amount of gas needed for each specific application.


An on-site system also eliminates the need for reportable nitrogen gas transportation to the site. Consequently, this eliminates the need to bleed-off/vent tanks before returning.


The required investment for owning an on-site nitrogen system is relatively high. However, with a payback period of at most two years, the system saves money on materials (e.g., cylindrical bottles), transportation, and storage.

Why Rent An On-site Nitrogen System?

Unlike buying, operators rent nitrogen systems due to the unique set of benefits it offers. Compared to the obsolete method of transporting high-pressure nitrogen gas cylinders over long distances, renting these on-site nitrogen systems ensures more access to nitrogen gas at up to 99.95%  purity level.


Renting nitrogen systems offer operators several benefits for nitrogen-based industrial applications, including peace of mind, efficient cost control, and increased efficiency.

Peace of Mind

Vendors offer operators who rent nitrogen systems energy-efficient approaches ideal for their production plans. The vendors also ensure operators get all necessary equipment, such as accessories, cables, etc., to ensure efficient functioning of the nitrogen system.

Moreover, with the flexibility that comes with renting, operators get the opportunity to select reliable and state-of-the-art equipment with a proven track record of high efficiency and performance. Operators also get peace of mind from the assurance of preventive and corrective maintenance when the need arises.

Efficient Cost Control

With nitrogen system renting, operators can predict overall operating costs and minimize investment and administrative expenses. Equipment vendors offer operators invoices for their services at regular intervals, simplifying operator bidding and billing. Unlike outrightly procuring nitrogen systems for sale, renting saves operators significant amounts in the form of initial capital, certification, transportation, and project management.

Increased Efficiency

Renting nitrogen systems can maximize the overall efficiency of nitrogen generation operations. Since most vendors offer field services such as equipment maintenance, 24/7 support, and quick responses, operators can maximize their efficiencies and significantly minimize downtimes associated with compressed gas cylinder transportation.

Should I Buy or Rent A Nitrogen System?

Several factors affect the choice of operators on buying or renting a nitrogen system, including the budget, type of project, application, industry, and specification needs. Renting remains the better choice for controlling costs and testing new nitrogen systems. However, buying is the ideal choice for long-term projects and applications with a significant return on investment (ROI).

NiGen Offers High-Quality Nitrogen Systems for Sale and Rent

NiGen is dedicated to manufacturing and installing high-quality nitrogen systems that meet global industry standards. We offer various cost-effective and reliable nitrogen systems for sale and rent by helping our clients determine the ideal choice for their applications and projects.

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