benefits of on-site nitrogen systems

The Monetary and Environmental Benefits of On-site Nitrogen Systems

The required quantities of nitrogen can either be supplied in cylinders by a vendor or generated at the point of use by nitrogen generators. On-site nitrogen systems provide valuable pipeline services for a variety of industries. Two benefits of this are positive financial and environmental impact. Let’s dive deeper.

Is the Argument Against Vendor Supplied Nitrogen Gas Justified?

The industrial systems that require gaseous nitrogen to drive their manufacturing processes typically require enormous volumes of gas. An external vendor can supply sufficient quantities of this gas, but this approach has drawbacks.

Nitrogen gas supplied in cylinders places plant managers in a dependent situation where interruptions in the gas supply chain can negatively impact production schedules.

To pre-empt shortages, plant operators might decide to store gas cylinders as a backup. However, this creates an entirely new occupational hazard for plant personnel and also uses up valuable industrial floor space that could otherwise be used to store other crucial production equipment.

How Nitrogen Systems Save Money

Several manufacturing industries utilize large volumes of nitrogen gas in their production and packaging processes. Nitrogen gas systems solve most of the challenges faced with a cylinder-based supply strategy. While on the surface, it might seem like opting for nitrogen cylinders is the cheaper option, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

environmental benefits of on-site nitrogen

After the initial installation period, the cost benefits of on-site nitrogen systems will quickly become evident. Nitrogen generators will only require periodic maintenance with no recurrent burdens on the operational budget. On the other hand, for gas cylinder systems, a regular allocation for purchase must be included.

Furthermore, nitrogen gas cylinders are never truly emptied as a minimum residual volume is left unused, even though the cost is for the filled weight of the cylinders. This, therefore, amounts to gas wastages over time. By contrast, on-site units ensure only the required amounts of gas are generated and fully utilized.

In addition, the use of nitrogen generation systems will significantly reduce the risk of costly supply downtimes. The presence of an on-site generator means desired quantities of gaseous nitrogen can be generated around the clock, regardless of production scheduling. This elimination of gas supply hiccups will improve process efficiency and boost overall productivity.

Nitrogen Systems and the Environment

Nitrogen gas generators have distinct eco-friendly advantages when compared to a cylinder-based supply.

Among the many environment-friendly benefits is the elimination of harmful chemical preservatives from commercially packed food items. Nitrogen can be used in modified atmosphere packaging, driving oxygen out and creating a vacuum that prevents easy spoilage. Most bacteria require oxygen to survive, and their inability to thrive in a nitrogen-rich environment translates into a longer shelf life for packaged foods.

Gas supplied in cylinders is transported from the site of manufacture to the industries that require them. This means more transport vehicles giving off emissions that increase the overall carbon footprint. Using a nitrogen generator can enable plant managers to cut down on their carbon footprint by eliminating the need for transportation.

Finally, nitrogen cylinders eventually become old and un-usable with nowhere to go but a landfill. The disposal of spent gas cylinders is a major concern for plant managers. Improper disposal makes them liable to sanctions from environmental protection agencies. The use of on-site generators eliminates this concern.

Industries That Benefit the Most from On-site Nitrogen Systems

Several industries benefit from the integration of on-site nitrogen systems in their manufacturing processes. Outlined below are some key examples:

Hazardous chemical manufacturing: Nitrogen gas is required for environmental/equipment inerting and blanketing.

Food processing industries: Food-grade nitrogen is used to create a modified atmosphere within the packaging.

what is modified atmosphere packaging?

Alcoholic beverage manufacturing: Nitrogen gas is utilized in breweries and winemaking to ensure the desired flavor and aromas are created.

Electronics and metal manufacturing: Gaseous nitrogen soldering can be used to create high-quality electronic component finishes. Also, nitrogen gas is used in steel electroplating processes.

Pharmaceutics: Nitrogen gas is integral to the synthesis of various medications, including life-saving antibiotics.

Mining: Mining is a very high-risk job where the highest industrial safety standards must always be maintained. With an increased risk of explosions and fire outbreaks, nitrogen gas systems can be installed to put out fires within mining spaces safely. Similarly, nitrogen can be used during mine abandonment to inert the spaces and prevent future explosions.

Getting Started with NiGen

Installing an on-site nitrogen system for your industrial application is one of the smartest business decisions you can make.

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