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5 Types of On-Site Gas Systems Available for Sale Today

There are a variety of on-site systems available today to address all industrial process gas needs. Having access to an uninterrupted supply of gas directly at your site ensures maximum reliability and optimization of your processes. In this article, we’ll go over five types of dependable on-site gas systems that you can purchase today.

1. Air Compressors

On-site gas systems, such as air compressor equipment, are commonly utilized in industrial facilities. Air compressors are designed to pressurize surrounding air, mechanically squeezing it through internal components until the maximum air pressure is reached. Essentially, they increase the pressure of air by decreasing the volume of space it occupies.

Depending on the compression method, an air compressor will fall under one of two categories: positive displacement compressors and dynamic compressors. Both are highly reliable options, providing high-pressure process gas with minimal downtime and maintenance expenses.

There are several types of air compressors available for sale or rent, including:

rotary screw compressor

If you’re looking for a temporary option, consider NiGen’s industrial air compressor rentals in Houston, Texas.

2. Nitrogen Generators

benefits of on-site nitrogen generation

Industrial nitrogen gas is an essential resource used in many industries such as food and beverage manufacturing, enhanced oil recovery, metalworking, and pharmaceutics. These industrial processes rely on large volumes of nitrogen gas to support their daily operations.

Nitrogen cylinders can be delivered to industrial sites; however, this gas supply method is not the safest or most convenient option. On-site nitrogen gas generation is a widely used method that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

On-site nitrogen generators offer an assortment of benefits over alternative methods. They increase overall process efficiency by reducing gas waste and giving operators continual access to large quantities of gas. Plus, these units provide improved safety and reduce hazards in the workplace.

NiGen is a top manufacturer of nitrogen generation systems for various industrial applications.

3. Air Dryers

As many industry professionals know, having a supply of moisture-free air is vital to numerous operations. Water vapor can be detrimental to a system, resulting in corrosion, freezing, wear and tear, and even false reports on pneumatic controls. Not only is this inconvenient and expensive to repair, but dealing with these issues can slow down your operations, if not halt them entirely.

Fortunately, air dryers are a reliable solution. There are four primary types of compressed air dryers available on the market today, including:

At NiGen, we design and manufacture desiccant air dryers that are portable and lightweight, enabling our clients to carry out their operations reliably, safely, and efficiently. We also offer desiccant dryer rentals for short-term projects.

4. High-Pressure Booster Compressors

Does your project require high-pressure compressed air at specific points in your process? High-pressure booster compressors are an efficient alternative to re-designing your entire system to deliver high-pressure compressed air. Booster compressors are designed to optimize pre-compressed air circulation within an industrial system.

These on-site gas systems are helpful in various industrial applications, including gas injection enhanced oil recovery, pipeline leak detection testing, PET bottle production, and sustaining high pressures required for industrial transport pipeline systems.

high-pressure booster compressor from NiGen

NiGen is a supplier of high-quality booster compressors in Houston, Texas. Our units are an energy-efficient solution for high-pressure applications, guaranteed to improve the overall productivity of your operations.

5. Aftercoolers

A major problem commonly faced by compressed air systems is the buildup of excess moisture generated during the compression process. Unwanted water vapor can damage your equipment’s components, resulting in expensive periods of downtime. Additionally, many industrial processes that utilize compressed air cannot function properly or manufacture high-quality products if the air is not sufficiently dried.

Compressed air aftercoolers can help reduce the moisture in your process air. These types of on-site gas systems are effective at lowering compression temperatures. The two main types of aftercoolers are water-cooled and air-cooled.

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Are you in the market for on-site process gas equipment? NiGen International is a Houston-based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of on-site gas systems such as nitrogen generators, booster compressors, and air dryers. Our team of Texas engineers designs and manufactures standard and custom systems to provide durable, cost-effective solutions.

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