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What Is a Compressed Air Dryer? – Inline Industrial Air Dryer Systems

Industrial air dryer systems are often overlooked, but they are a critical system for most industrial applications. Once air enters a compressor, residual water vapor can turn to liquid and cause damage — but there’s a solution!

By absorbing and eliminating moisture, an inline air dryer for a compressed air system can improve your operations by preventing unnecessary damage. Industrial compressed air dryers help you avoid corrosion, premature failure, and frozen airlines, all while maintaining quality control.

What Is a Compressed Air Dryer?

A compressed air dryer is a device that can effectively remove water vapor from compressed air. These specially designed filter systems effectively suppress the dew point of compressed air, reducing the risk of contamination, corrosion, system failure etc.

Most commonly used within commercial and industrial facilities, many businesses do not implement this solution which results in frustrating issues. You may already have something in place that removes liquid water, which is a critical step to their air-drying process. However, a compressed air dryer serves a different purpose.

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If condensation appears at the point of use, you do not have a functioning compressed air dryer. In turn, your level of productivity could suffer due to impure compressed air. By reducing the moisture content of ambient air, an industrial compressed air dryer will make the air more conducive and sanitary — which is essential for most industrial processes.

The Purpose of a Compressed Air Dryer and How They Impact Your Business

An inline air dryer for air compressor systems has a significant impact on efficiency. There are several types of compressed air dryers available. If you are in a more extreme situation, where air temperatures are very low (or if your products cannot be exposed to any moisture), then you need a desiccant dryer.

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As the dryer absorbs water from the compressed air, your systems become more reliable and air purity improves.
At the end of the day, all atmospheric air contains water vapor. When a compressed air or gas system pass their saturation point, that vapor condenses into liquid.

Once moisture begins to develop in a manufacturing plant, for instance, the product may suffer. Poor-functioning air motors due to moisture can cause a wide range of challenges, resulting in lost productivity and revenue.

Issues that may occur when water vapor is present include:

  • Increased wear and tear of equipment due to rust
  • Issues surrounding paint applied by compressed air (i.e. poor adherence)
  • Costly shutdowns due to poorly functioning pneumatic controls
  • Frozen air lines, resulting in faulty operations and compressed air system failure
  • False readings due to corrosion

By investing in dry compressed air, you will lower your operating costs, expand the longevity of your equipment, and enhance day-to-day productivity (which will result in higher revenues).

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Before choosing a dryer for compressed air systems, it is important that you understand a few key variables.

  • What is the intended use?
  • Do you know the average air temperature within your systems?

These are the types of factors you should discuss with an expert.

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