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Nitrogen Generators for Fire Sprinkler Systems: How Do They Work?

To mitigate the risk of fire outbreaks, building codes typically require well-maintained fire sprinkler systems. Unfortunately, these firefighting systems are prone to corrosion from exposure to oxygen. To improve longevity, nitrogen can be used for inerting sprinkler piping. In this article, we will discuss how nitrogen generators can be used to enhance sprinkler systems.

The Dangers of Fire Sprinkler System Corrosion

Fires are a costly occurrence leading to loss of property and psychological distress for persons involved. To limit the impact of these unwanted scenarios, we use functional fire suppression systems.

The biggest danger of corrosion within a fire sprinkler system is the build-up of rust and channel obstruction. This means when a fire does occur, the sprinkler system will be unable to put it out as its water channels are occluded. Other implications of corrosion include costly temporary shutdowns with overall lowered productivity.

Advantages of Nitrogen Generators for Fire Sprinkler Systems

How does a nitrogen generator work in fire sprinkler systems? Integrating a nitrogen generator into your fire sprinkler has several benefits, outlined below.

Oxygen Elimination

One significant advantage of combining a fire sprinkler with a nitrogen generator is the removal of oxygen from within the sprinkler piping. Nitrogen channeled through the sprinkler will serve to inert the system by displacing oxygen from within the piping and significantly slowing the onset of corrosion.

Less Frequent Maintenance

As a direct consequence of the reduction in corrosion seen with nitrogen sprinkler systems, equipment maintenance will be less frequent than with non-nitrogen systems. Using a nitrogen generator for fire sprinkler systems can cut corrosion up to 98%.

Environment-Friendly Fire Retardation

Nitrogen gas is a naturally occurring compound. Nitrogen comprises a significant proportion of the air all around us. If it is used in well-balanced mixtures, nitrogen gas usage does not harm the environment.

Cheap and Readily Available

As mentioned earlier, nitrogen is present in the air we breathe in large quantities. This makes it readily available and a cheap inert gas source for sprinkler systems. Once installed, a nitrogen gas generator will cost-effectively provide large volumes of gas.

Improved Longevity of Fire Suppression Systems

Utilizing nitrogen generators with your sprinkler systems will improve their overall durability. Nitrogen will inert the piping and retard corrosion allowing the sprinklers to last significantly longer before replacements are needed.

nitrogen generator for sprinkler systems

Things to Consider When Choosing a Fire Sprinkler Nitrogen Generator

Every building has its unique setup and will require a cost-effective fire suppression system that can perform efficiently in the case of a fire outbreak. Outlined below are critical factors to consider the following things before deciding on nitrogen generator fire protection.

Estimated Lifespan of the Building

This is a crucial determinant of the need for adding on nitrogen generator fire protection. While fire sprinkler nitrogen generators are a smart choice for buildings intended to last for longer (60 years and over), cheaper alternatives might be better for use within building structures only intended for short-term use.

Maintenance Schedule for Already Installed Fire Sprinkler Systems

While nitrogen generators for sprinkler systems are meant to improve their longevity, they do not serve as a replacement for regular maintenance. Nitrogen fire suppression systems will only work with fire sprinklers that are correctly and regularly maintained to prevent corrosion accumulation and piping leaks.

Pipe Replacement vs. Nitrogen Generator Integration

Integrating a nitrogen generator with a fire sprinkler system should make sense from a financial point of view. Another critical determinant of whether to install one is the overall costs, both short-term and over time.

After running the numbers, the costs of maintaining a nitrogen generator for dry sprinkler systems should be lower than the estimated budget for repairing or replacing worn components.

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