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Compact Nitrogen Generators: Everything You Need to Know

Nitrogen is essential to a wide range of industrial and military applications. Thus, operators and personnel require a steady supply of the gas. Unlike nitrogen delivery through cylinders or canisters, an on-site nitrogen generator offers several benefits, including low operating costs, low maintenance, and increased safety. This article gives an overview of compact nitrogen generators.

What Are Compact Nitrogen Generators?

Some industrial applications require low flow rates of high-purity nitrogen gas. Compact nitrogen generators are ideal for such applications. Thus, compact nitrogen generators are small-sized generators that can produce and supply high-purity nitrogen gas at low flow rates for a variety of work and emergency applications. Some relevant applications of compact nitrogen generators include fire suppression and prevention in coal mines, military operations, etc. In addition to being stationary, operators install compact nitrogen generators in isolated areas.

Portable vs. Compact Nitrogen Generators

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Unlike compact, portable nitrogen generators are significantly smaller and are essential to military personnel for de-fogging and waterproofing night vision goggles. In addition, portable nitrogen generators are safe, miniaturized, reliable, and can generate nitrogen wherever and whenever required. Like portable, compact nitrogen generators are safe and reliable. However, compact generators require dedicated out-of-the-way locations for installation and nitrogen generation.

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Industries that Use Small Nitrogen Generators

Small nitrogen generators remain essential to meet the needs of several industrial applications, including food packaging, chemical blanketing, electronics, laboratory operations, and laser cutting.

Food Packaging

Since the presence of food oxygen in food packaging significantly reduces the shelf life of food, it is good practice to displace oxygen with nitrogen. Food manufacturers can achieve this by using nitrogen generators for food packaging items such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and snacks, and provide a cushion around them during transportation.

Chemical Blanketing

Similarly, nitrogen from high pressure nitrogen generators is a common component for chemical blanketing chemical plants or manufacturing facilities susceptible to fire and explosion. The gas lowers the oxygen levels in such facilities and ensures the safety of personnel and facilities.


In electronic applications, nitrogen gas is an essential component required during soldering since it reduces surface tension and achieves a cleaner break away from electric bond sites. Moreover, with small generators, data centers can maintain the ideal temperature with a constant nitrogen supply and prevent processor overheating.

Laboratory Operations

Laboratory environments with high levels of oxygen are susceptible to error-prone results. However, with small industrial nitrogen generators, scientists can maintain the sufficient nitrogen supply necessary for creating acceptable oxygen levels for accurate results in highly-sensitive laboratory equipment and procedures.

Laser Cutting

Finally, nitrogen gas availability is crucial for laser cutting applications. With nitrogen generators for laser cutting, operators can meet their purging and quality assurance needs. Nitrogen strengthens stainless and aluminized steel and improves their corrosion resistance.

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Benefits of Small Nitrogen Generators

Small nitrogen generators offer several benefits to industrial and other relevant applications. Some benefits include nitrogen tank/cylinder-related cost elimination, absence of supply constraints, low maintenance, portability, and increased safety. Unlike nitrogen tank/cylinder rental services that require regular financial commitments, small nitrogen generators eliminate long-term operating costs since the machine ensures a consistent supply of nitrogen for relevant applications. The continuous nitrogen generation and flow help to remove supply constraints.

Moreover, the generator can run maintenance-free for an extended period with constant cleaning and occasional replacement of prefilters. Hence, reducing nitrogen generator maintenance costs. In addition, the limited size of small nitrogen generators makes them easy to move and allows them to fit in confined spaces. This portability makes them preferable to pre-filled nitrogen canisters or tanks. Finally, unlike nitrogen cylinders that require specific storage protocols, small generators do not, which significantly increases their safety in industrial applications.

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